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I first saw it scrawled out in italicized font on her arm, a permanent reminder. I tried not to stare, but it was so beautiful. I asked her about it, and her green eyes lit up as she explained it to me.

Eucharisteo. Life-filling gratitude.

The word is beefy, comes from old Greek; an interesting collection of sounds strung together that make my mouth dance as I say it. Eucharisteo. The kind of thankfulness that fills your life. The kind of thankfulness that is a wellspring of joy.

Isn’t that what we all want–a full life? To bubble over with joy? Could it be so simple?

Well, all I know is that I forget how to be thankful. But today, I fight the lie that whispers that I do not have enough. That I need so much more. That I live an empty life. Today, I am thankful.

I am thankful for Thailand, and for a shower head with little water pressure that I had to hold up with one hand for weeks, and for a summer without mirrors.

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I am thankful for my college roommates, who gently loved me through my transition back to college life after two months in island bars hanging out with bartenders and praying over prostitutes. I am thankful for countless movie marathons, spontaneous restaurant adventures, and corner store runs for ice cream and Nutella. I am thankful for my full size bed and my comfortable little room on the third floor of this apartment complex, with a window from where I can see the bus stop.

I am thankful for my tin can car, that stutters when I drive and has recently taken up with leaking gasoline because if this is the end then it has gotten me where I have needed to go for nearly 4 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better first car. I am thankful for the sweet, perfect provision of my Abba, my Father in heaven, who is overjoyed to give me what I need just when I need it. I am thankful that I am never overlooked by him.

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I am thankful for people that love me in the hard places, friends who have become family in seasons without words.

I’m thankful for grace that stands even when I can’t.

For friendships that still go strong and friendships that have run their course, I am thankful for love. For forgiveness. For quiet moments. For good words spoken that bring us closer to who we really are.

For memories like thrifting days that end with a meal of hippie chili and the best freaking eco-friendly cheese I’ve ever eaten, or standing in the Pacific Ocean watching the city skyline blink back at me as the dusk settled in, or popping out of someone’s trunk to surprise them and help move them back home.

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I am thankful for tea cups and thunderstorms and athletic shorts and Cover Girl mascara.

You know what else I’m thankful for? Timing.

I am thankful for large headphones and hidden botanical gardens–an introvert’s paradise. I am thankful for my beautiful little church that meets Sunday mornings at the YMCA and is filled with people who love well and love hard. I am thankful for the honest Gospel and a gracious mouthpiece.

I’m thankful for my brother’s sense of humor. I’m thankful for my younger sister’s wit. I’m thankful for my momma’s love of Tyler Perry movies, condensed milk, brown leather purses, and nail polish. Sometimes we are the same person.

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Jesus, thank you for 20th century inventions like airplanes to get us there quickly and 21st century inventions like Skype when the planes can’t get us there quite fast enough. Thank you for adventure. Thank you for big dreams. Thank you for radical love and sweet surrender. Thank you for the soft kiss of grace.

I am so blessed. My life is so full.

Jesus, you are wildly, sweetly, fiercely, perfectly good.


4 thoughts on “eucharisteo

  1. This was so touching and so beautifully written. You have such a talent of making words come to life on paper. I really do love it and I love you. So much! You’re an amazing person and I’m thankful to have YOU in my life!

  2. Michelle, this was such an eye opening piece. Great reminder for everyone (including me) to think about what they are thankful for in their lives rather than dwell on what they don’t have. Also I love you! Can’t wait to have more of those movie marathons.

  3. What everyone said. I think that its so easy for us to forget all the things to be grateful for because we’re so wrapped up in this insanely fast-paced first world life. Thank you for this, love you & miss you so much! Hoping to see you before the 23rd

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