photo by Kacie Adair
taken in Madruga, Cuba

Well, hello! My name is Michelle.

I like to write, read, and laugh. A lot.

I was born and raised in Florida as a first-generation American with full Cuban heritage. Some things I have loved since I was a kid include: libraries (mandatory quiet and the blueprints of a thousand imaginations, yes pls), dogs (all sizes), poetry (my favorite way to process the world), Florida orange juice (it’s literally the best), floral prints (duh), and the beach (#floridachildhood).

I’m a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor of arts degree in English literature and a minor in Spanish. Six weeks after graduation, I moved to southwestern Guatemala.

I had a one-way ticket, two bags, and had never been in the country before… Perfect, right? I’d say against all odds it’s worked out well; three years later, I find myself walking the same cobblestone streets. I’ve made it my home. You can read more about that journey here.

I am a ragamuffin girl discovering what it truly means to be God’s child, how to soak in his love and not strive for it. His grace is quite literally the best news of my life. It’s changed everything.

This is my story of slowing down and learning to listen to heaven’s rhythms, of practicing the art of presence and discovering the type of beauty that exists on the backside of a tapestry that I can’t see the front of yet.

I believe he’s weaving all of our stories in a way that only he can, and this is the little online journal where I wrestle with those realities – all cradled in the context of God’s tremendous, extravagant, and sometimes outlandish affection for us, his children.

It’s my story of friction and faith, of grace in the gaps. Thanks for joining the journey.

Make yourself at home. There’s room for you here.

(The views and opinions expressed on this site are solely my own. All photographs are also mine unless otherwise stated. Photos taken with an iPhone. Edits made using the VSCO app.)


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