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It’s quite simple, really. Jesus said, “Go.”

Well, to be more specific: Go. Make disciples. All nations.

Going looks different for everyone. I love that.

For me, it looked like packing two bags and moving to Guatemala in January 2014 to serve as a full-time evangelical missionary. People have a lot of ideas about what overseas missions looks like. And the truth is that there are a lot of different ways to do it. I mean, it’s a big world, right?

So I’ll tell you what overseas missions looks like for my life specifically. I work as the Program Supervisor of a long-term ministry base in Antigua, Guatemala hosted by Adventures in Missions. I oversee our long-term program development. Some of what we’re up to right now includes training locals with a call to missions, meeting weekly with a growing women’s discipleship group, providing stove installations and water filters in impoverished areas, shoe donations to ministry partners, monthly outreach events, and teaching a literacy class to women who are either totally or partially illiterate.

We’re a young ministry, but we’re finding our way. I believe in what God is doing in this place, through this place, and for this place. I believe it enough to build my life here and raise the financial support I need to do this work.

I am thankful that I don’t do this alone. My supporters mean the world to me, and I am honored to say that we are doing this thing together. God’s invitation isn’t to save the world; he already did that. It’s to walk in obedience – a series of small steps in the same direction throughout the course of our lives.

What a gift. Thanks for walking with me.

Join the team.

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